Friday, September 23, 2011

Resident Event Suggestions/Feedback

Hey all! I am in the process of gearing up some ideas for resident events. Here are a few ideas we have so far:

Resident Referral contest - How many friends can you refer by the end of the year?? The catch to win the prize is they have to be approved and move in! ;o)

Costume contest for our kids

Grand - Re-opening  with 24/7 Fitness (including free self defense classes, smoothies and martial arts demonstrations!)

Blood drive for the local Red Cross

Host a pet adoption site

Host a party - if anyone knows any Mary Kay consultants, Pampered Chef, Book Club members, or anything cool like that have them contact the office and we may be able to host an evening for that ;o)

Resident Drive Thru breakfast

"Meet your Neighbors" get together

These are just a few thoughts for now... any questions, suggestions or ideas will be appreciated~

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