Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Its a Social thing! ;)

Social Network Craze....

While working for Alder Ridge Apartments I have learned that the use of a social presence is the way to market from now on. Alder Ridge now has a social presence on most of the networks out there including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Yelp, Bing, Blogger, Google+, YouTube and many more.

I try to allocate enough time during my day to provide good readable content for our residents and also potential residents. I find that I can get wrapped up in it for hours if I am not careful! With the Fall season approaching, it will be easier for me to learn more ways to share and use the advanced features available to me. All of these things will help promote our business but it is ultimately by word-of-mouth that gets the job done here. We value our residents and care what they think. It is important to us that we do a good job and provide a good faith effort to handle any concerns and also build upon our community with new creative residents events and ways to meet and greet. However, that said, we can't make everyone happy and we do have Fair Housing Laws to abide by.

Often, we offer monthly specials and of coarse try to beat out our competition. We definitely aren't the newest community out there, but we do offer awesome newly renovated apartments which feature comfort and affordability. Not to mention a fabulous location close to shopping, dining, schools, parks and more!

Our social presence is growing and I try to engage people as much as possible, but some days I wonder if all the effort will pay off. I then think of Katy Perry... Why you say? Well she was the underdog, fighting and fighting to get a record deal for most of her teenage life. Then finally Capital Records believed in her and set the ball rolling, now making her one of the top 5 highest paid females in the industry under 30! She has even broken the King of Pop's record with 5 #1 albums off of one record. GREAT STUFF! She is an inspiration. I know that this is just a business I am trying to promote via our smart phone apps and social appearance, but it is much more here.We have a professional on-site staff who work great together, we get to know our residents and do the little things that alot of larger corporations may not do such as still providing a newsletter, and sending out birthday cards. How cool is that! May just make your day sometime!

Bottom line is, the social network can get you started but its takes me and my staff to keep you here! Have a great day everyone and thank for reading! Feel free to leave any suggestions or questions! And of coarse.. check us out on the web!

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